Connect With Gaia

Human beings live disconnected - we believe we are the center of the world - and, in this disconnected living, we are harming other beings and Gaia herself. It is time for us to move to a new era whose center is coexistence, respect and harmony with Gaia and among all the beings that inhabit her.


Eleka is a project revealed to make us aware of the reality of the world around us and teach us to live in the humility of knowing that we are inhabiting a living being and that we share our spaces with beings who know as much or more than we do.


My mission is to transmit the teachings of the beings of light with whom I work. Giving voice to certain beings that are not taken into account by humans; raising the vibration of Gaia; creating sacred spaces and helping other people to be able to do the same.


I help you to access information 

proveniente de otras dimensiones de consciencia

Connect with the magic of your home

Los pinypones de Pepi

Improve your well-being with the benefits of nature

A photo shoot of all I see in you

Learn to heal




I am a Priestess of Gaia. 


My service and devotion are to the planet Earth and all visible and non-visible beings that inhabit it. 


Gaia is my temple and my mission is to help create a world in which human beings regain their connection with all that exists and understand the need to honor and live in peace, respect and harmony with all other beings.