Some people have known "forever" what they can and cannot do and what their gifts and talents are. In my case, the ability to connect with beings of light, nature spirits, etc. was a quality I discovered over time and something I would never have imagined I would be able to do. My formal training is related to the "social" world. I have a degree in social integration, a diploma in social education and a master's degree in gender studies. Things that have nothing to do, a priori, with this other world to which I now dedicate myself. After more than 10 years of dedicating myself to to what I had studied, I had a kind of existential crisis that led me to leave what I was doing until then to try to find my way. I wasn't sure what that path was, but I was sure I would recognize it once I had found it.


Following the commands of my heart, I began to take reiki courses and other alternative therapies, I began to study astrology and habitat medicine, to take mini and mega courses on spiritual themes, to be ordained as a Priestess of Mary Magdalene and, while I was doing all this, my heart was guiding me more and more clearly towards the magic of the forest and of nature in general. I began to go on daily outings and, on these outings, I began to discover that magic was following me and showing itself to me very easily (it is true that I discovered this thanks to the feedback of other people because for me what was happening to me did not seem anything out of the "normal"). Following this path was how I ended up discovering my ability to channel all kinds of beings of light and beings of nature and how I ended up recognizing myself as the Priestess of Gaia that I am. As a Priestess of Gaia my service and devotion is to the planet Earth and all beings (visible and non-visible) that inhabit it. Gaia is my temple and my mission is to help create a world in which human beings regain their connection with all that exists and understand the need to honor and live in peace, respect and harmony with all other beings.


My work consists of transmitting the teachings of the "beings of light" I work with (ascended masters, fairies...); giving voice to certain beings that are not taken into account by human beings (dryads, devas, elementals...); raising the vibration of Gaia; creating sacred spaces; and helping other people to be able to do the same. We humans need to be aware of where we live and who Gaia and the other beings - both those we can see and those we cannot see - with whom we share this beautiful planet in order to realize the disrespectful behaviors we have and how they are creating an unjust and uninhabitable planet for many other beings.


Es hora de que pasemos a una nueva era en la que el centro y el foco estén en la convivencia en respeto y armonía con todos los seres que habitamos Gaia y con Gaia misma.


It is time to open our eyes to the reality of the world around us, in which we are by no means the only sentient beings.


It is time for us to come down to earth and live in the humility of knowing that we are inhabiting a living being and that we share space with beings who know as much or more than we do.


It is time for us, as human beings, to take our rightful place in this world, which is certainly not that of lords and masters of it.


Most people live disconnected from themselves and their own heart and this is the reason why they are unable to connect with other beings and understand the reality around them. I believe it is essential to regain that connection and learn to live from the heart. Our heart is the key that will open the doors to the ability to connect with other beings (visible and not visible) and with Gaia, as well as the possibility of understanding who they really are and how we can begin to honor them and relate to them with respect.


The fact that we live disconnected prevents us from understanding the impact that not only our actions, but also our thoughts, emotions and energy have on Gaia and the beings that inhabit her. The planet is charged with impregnations of pain and fear that affect its vibratory frequency as much as pollution. In reality Gaia does not need us to transmute those energies and return to a state of balance, since she has enough tools to do it by herself (eruptions of volcanoes, hurricanes, etc.). But I think we will agree that the consequences of these extreme measures cause pain to many beings, so why not do our part, take responsibility and help Gaia, for example, through the cleaning (physical and energetic) of spaces (including our own body) that help to raise its vibration -and, therefore, that of all the beings that inhabit it, including human beings-?